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Phone: 800.944.3422

Bill Pay

You should have received a statement from us. This is for the medical equipment we have billed to your insurance and now there is a balance due from you.

We have created a Secure Portal where you can enter a credit card to pay your bill. This is totally secure. The form you will fill-out is behind a Secure SSL-certificate, so you do not need to worry about sending your credit card information over the internet.

Fill out the information, and we will run your credit card the next day. Your credit card statement will show a charge from Medequip, Inc. Should you have any questions, or need to send us a note with additional information, please send it here: Medequip Bill Pay

Account Number

You may also call us to pay your bill. We are available by telephone from 8 - 5 Pacific time.

Phone: 800.944.3422

OR you may send us a fax with the payment information to 949-425-1738.

Credit Card Authorization Form